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In pursuit of expanding our bouquet of value, we are always seeking business partners that offer tangible contributions to the success and profitability of veterinary practices across Southern Africa. Vobra Special Petfoods is one such partner whose ideals match our own.  The company has been a cornerstone of the specialised pet food industry in the Netherlands since 1932, and their products are well-known in European markets for quality, excellence and stellar business practices. Vobra Special Petfoods produces in excess of 30 million kilograms of pet food annually, delivering to 25 countries worldwide across four different continents. In addition to their own brands, they also produce high-quality pet food for many satisfied Private Label customers.

SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition, their veterinary-exclusive range, has been in production since 2007.  It contains only natural ingredients that combine scientific insights about the effectiveness of preventative food and diet therapy, with longstanding experience in the production of high-quality dog and cat food. The result is a unique product that finds the perfect price to quality ratio according to customer satisfaction surveys. Through the partnership between MVW and Vobra Special Petfoods, we offer the veterinarian a unique pet food range that is small, flexible, easy to sell and therefore easy to rotate. It is exclusive to the veterinary channel, both locally and in its country of origin. We trust that this product will add tangible value to the profitability of all South African veterinary practices, both large and small.