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As one of the largest wholesalers in South Africa, MVW stock an extensive, high-quality range of veterinary supplies, providing a broad selection for the companion animal, large animal and wildlife veterinarian.

Dehorner, hoof knives & trimmers, drenchers, trocars, embryotomy wire, teat plugs, stomach tubes, insemination straws, ruminal magnets, heat detectors, infrared heaters.

Microchip, reader, eartags, markers, marking spray, tattoo letters and ink.

High-speed dental units, ultrasonic scalers, polishers, mouth gags, handheld dental instruments including luxators, elevators,scalers, extraction forceps, burrs, scaler tips, prophy paste.

Dips, dewormers, flea/tick treatments including topicals.

Stethoscope, thermometers, videoscope, lead aprons, x-ray marking tape.

Canine, feline, equine, bovine, ovine, porcine and avian.

BUSTER collars, dental units and instruments, surgical gloves, sutures, surgical instruments, needles, syringes, iv catheters and much more… Visit Website

Treats and biscuits, shampoo, pet beds, harnesses, leashes, collars, nail clippers, muzzles.


Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, online via our portal or through Orderwise/Reroute.

MVW offers a convenient and safe online ordering system for the supply of scheduled and non-scheduled Veterinary products for South African veterinarians.
A telesales team is available at both branches to assist with any order requests.



We will assist to care for the animals you love by quick and efficient deliveries.

  • We deliver for free!
  • We also deliver to outlying areas.
  • We deliver daily to veterinarians, farmers, pharmacies, government institutions and traders with our own fleet as well as overnight couriers across South Africa.
  • Export across the South African and International borders